Print Sale for independent Afromexican Associations!

I am selling prints of the photos of the carousel, in order to join the fundraising that @risuenoscoyolillo and Casa Coyolillo, two independent spaces in my beloved Coyolillo, are doing, as they will be celebrating their anniversary and managing new projects. The sale starts today April 4th and will run until April 16th. All proceeds from the sale will be donated to these two independent Afro-Mexican associations. If you are interested in helping you can go to Shipping in Mexico and USA is free! Thank you 🌺✨ Products Browse all products from Koral Carballo Prints....
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British Journal of Photography Award: Female in Focus Jury.

This year, I will be judging the Female in Focus award of the British Journal of Photography and I am representing the Ruda  Colectiva in this competition I am very happy and curious to see the submitted works! Female in Focus Our mission is to empower female-identified people around the world to own their own stories. Awareness around gender inequality in the industry may be growing. But the numbers aren’t changing fast enough. Globally, 70-80% of photography students are women — yet they account for only 13-15% of professional photographers.  This year the...
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Visura Media: Highlighting 36 Freelance Visual Storytellers Worldwide Coming Into 2022

Visura is delighted to welcome the new year by highlighting 36 visual storytellers and journalists from 16 countries. Curated by Visura Mentee Laura Oliverio—this feature aims to inspire as well as inform audiences through unique, compelling visual storytelling. Laura Oliviero mentioned my work in this issue with the publication of 'We were always here' in the British Journal of Photography. Featuring: <Name, Location> Jess DiPierro Obert (Brooklyn, New York & Port au Prince, Haiti),  Ahmed Gaber (New York, New York),  Arin Yoon (Kansas City,...
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British Journal of Photography: Siempre estuvimos aquí project in 'Activism & Protest' issue

(English below) Estoy muy feliz y agradecida por que “Siempre estuvimos aquí “ fue seleccionado para aparecer en la  última edición impresa de la revista British Journal of Photography (@bjp1854) en la edición de "Arte y activismo". Me siento muy honrada y agradecida con Izabela Radwanska Zhang  (@izaradz) en conjunto con Hannah Abel-Hirsch (@hannahabelhirsch) por haber pensado en mi trabajo y también a Henri Badaröh (@hnrbdrh) por escribir el texto sobre mi trabajo que acompaña este artículo. Gracias...
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Photoville: Mistery of the Disguised

I would like to share with you some photographs from the exhibition The Mystery of the Disguised in New York City that I had the honor to show during this year's Photoville festival.  Thanks to Laura Roumanos and her team for making this exhibition a reality and supporting photographers to exhibit during the festival.  Exhibition photos by Jordana Bermudez. More info on

Glance and Memory - Afrochingonas Podcast

In the episode Mirada y Memoria, I was invited to talk about my experience and my work. Glance and Memory (Mirada y Memoria). Photography has been an indispensable tool for us, we have been models, photographers, and creators. White men have decided what are the "right" ways to photograph the world. We cannot deny the bias of these visions, that's why we believe in the potential of our gazes, black gazes. Also, in this episode, we were joined by three amazing photographers: @koralcarballo @massielfoto, and @balamha. Afrochingonas is a podcast between friends about...
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'Unveiling Afro-Mexican Celebrations as a Mark of Freedom' Interview for Verónica Sanchis via PhMuseum

This article is part of In Focus: Latin American Female Photographers , a monthly series curated by Verónica Sanchis Bencomo focusing on the works of female visual storytellers working and living in Latin America. For read complete Interview  here M Unveiling Afro-Mexican Celebrations as a Mark of Freedom In her series Mystery of the Disguised, Mexican photographer Koral Carballo documents the vibrant ancestral Afro-Mexican traditions of a small village in her ho

Album Workshop on Afromexican Communities in Costa Chica, Oaxaca - México

During 4 days the Album  workshop was held as part of the project " We were always here ", this workshop is an action to raise awareness about the importance of archives, as well as to show tools for their preservation. This workshop was in summer on held in Chacahua Isla, Chacahua Grúa, Charco Redondo and Tututepec Oaxaca in Mexico. The participants were: Adalith Ibañez Santiago, Paula Elena Milena Montes, Arantza Helen Ortiz Ibañez, Mónica Concuera Rodríguez, Claudia Lora Krstulovic, Hannua, Karinme Villagram Montes, Adilene Ortiz,...
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Welcome to Intipucá City Proyect on We, Women's The Power of We in New York, NY Exihibition

Welcome to Intipuca City Project is already under the Brooklyn Bridge along with incredible works that make up: We, Women. This exhibition kicks off the national tour that will be exhibited in Anchorage, Atlanta, Chicago and New Orleans... more details coming soon! We, Women, are 17 photographic projects that explore crucial issues on the minds of many Americans such as: immigration, education, climate change, race, motherhood and family, gun control, healthcare, religion, criminal justice reform, gentrification, sexual assault, etc. For more information...
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Workshop: 'This is NOT a pipe, rethinking contemporary documentary photography' in Mexico City.

This blog contains the results of the workshop "This is NOT a pipe, rethinking contemporary documentary photography" that I taught at Escuela Activa De Fotografía Mexico City campus. Extract from the workshop's syllabus: During six theoretical and practical sessions we will detonate a dissident thought of classical documentary photography: why documentary photography is still tied to the truth? We will reflect from the body, the experience and the collective realities where we coexist to explore the stories we need to tell, we will do exercises to start a...
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Bloomberg News: Tortilla Price Spike Leads Mexico to Consider Corn Imports

On assignment for Bloomberg News READ ARTICLE

2021 CatchLight Fellows Announced

Very happy to be part of the 2021Catchlight Leadership Fellowship Program! During this fellowship I will continue to work on my project We Were Always Here and the Album chapter. Siempre Estuvimos Aquí (We Were Always Here)  investigates Afro-descent in Mexico which often hides in a cloak of tradition and colonization mindset. A historical discourse about the whitewashed origin of Mexicans as a people of indigenous and European descent creates an origin myth about a mixed-race identity that hides other roots, such as the African. She follows her own journey in exploring...
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Mystery of the Disguised Exihibition in Madrid, Spain.

Today is the opening of the group exhibition La Lengua en Los Ojos at Travesía Cuatro gallery where they have included my work 'Siempre estuvimos aquí' in Madrid Spain. La Lengua en Los Ojos generates an imagination constructed by the gazes of eight Mexican artists and their stories created in different times and places. These "eyes that look" are "the hand that writes" when Margo Glantz vindicates the figure of Malinche in her essay La Lengua en la mano. Malinche, Malinalli, Malintzin or Doña Marina was a historical and mythologized Nahuatl...
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Mystery of the Disguise and Album Exhibition in Coyolillo, Veracruz, México

As part of the project "We were always here" two exhibitions will be held in the Afro-Mexican community of Coyolillo, Veracruz, Mexico starting March 17 to April 1, 2021. The first exhibition  "El misterio del disfrazado" (The mystery of the disguise) and it is the prologue of the project 'Siempre estuvimos aquí' (We were always here). This exhibition was outdoors in the streets of the town. The curatorship and museography was done by Octavio López Zaragoza and Sebastián Zaragoza. The second exhibition entitled "The past is a...
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Workshop 'Album' at Coyolillo, Afromexican Community

As part of the project "Siempre estuvimos aquí" Chapter Álbum, this March 12, 13, and 15, the first workshop on conservation and care of family archives will be held at Coyolillo, Veracruz, México. Álbum is the first chapter on the family album as a decolonizing strategy of the intimate historicity of Afro-descendants in Mexico. From the family album and the portrait I make a study of the visual representation of Afro-descendant families in contemporary Mexico. With workshops on preservation of vernacular archives in Afro-Mexican communities and...

Bloomberg News: Mexico Central Bank Boosts 2021 GDP Growth Forecast to 4.8%

On Assignment for Bloomberg News READ ARTICLE

DER GRIEF: 'Guest Room' Online Exhibition curated by Anna-Alix Koff

The prologue "The Mystery of Disguise" from the long-term project We Were Always Here was selected by curator Anna-Alix Koffi in the guest room of the German contemporary photography magazine DER GRIEF. Anna-Alix Koffi - Der Greif Guest Room aims to spark collaborations. That’s why Anna-Alix Koffi is teaming up with artist Sadikou Oukpedjo in choosing the theme for this instalment. Sadikou is an artist based in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. He primarily works with painting. Out of...

Winner. 2nd place 'Nuestra Mirada' Award on Pictures of the Year (POY LATAM) 2021

I am very happy that the prologue "The Mystery of Disguise" of my long term project "We were always here" has been recognized as the second place in the category 'Nuestra Mirada' of the Pictures of the Year LATAM 2021 .

Highlighting Success Stories by Women Visual Storytellers and Journalists in 2020

Curated By Shuran Huang For The Visura Media Blog As we welcome 2021, Visura is delighted to highlight success stories in 2020 by 25 women visual storytellers and journalists worldwide, who worked during a global pandemic to document and inform the world around us with their unique voices and perspectives. Curated by  Shuran Huang , the feature aims to inspire, ignite, support, and encourage all efforts to hire more women photographers, visual storytellers, and journalists worldwide. Each accomplishment was selected from the myriad of news posts shared via Visura by women...

Casas de Abuelas Open Call Selection

Today is online the official selection of the "Casas de Abuelas" contest, organized by Paz Olivares Droguett.  Curated by Koral Carballo, Catalina Juger, Diego Moreno and Gisela Volá, and text is by Matías Ávalos. Photographers Hellen Hernandez | Lorena Velasco | Citlalli EB | Victoria Carmona | Melisa Oechsle | Maria Mara | Wendy Estrella | Tania Barrientos | Malena Mónaco | Estefania Grados | Elsa Solorio | Camile Juarez | Monica Muñoz | Sofía Basselli | Valeria Portillo | Pilar Jadue | Selene Tec | Rayen Luna...
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New Web Site!

(Español abajo) Today I'm opening my website. I would like to thank Adriana Letorney from Visura for her advice in transforming my statement and giving coherence to my projects. I am very happy to show you this project that I started in the summer of this year. I invite you to visit it. - - Hoy estreno mi nueva página web. Agradezco a Adriana Letorney de Visura por el asesoramiento para transformar mi statement y dar coherencia a mis proyectos. Muy contenta de mostrarles este proyecto que comencé en el verano de este año. ¡Los invito a visitar!...

Women Photograph: 2020 Year in Pictures

Very happy to share that a photo of my process this year of reunion with my family, ancestors and our present has been selected by @womenphotograph among the best photos of the year as turbulent as 2020. It is also beautiful to be sharing virtual space with so many women photographers - not binaries, it is feeling that our voices become a chorus. Congratulations to everyone! 💖 Doña Eloísa's grandchildren. Aaron and Abraham are the second twins in the family. Koral writes, “This photo of my twin nephews is from my project We Were Always Here. It’s part of...
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Fellow . Magnum Foundation Global Covid-19 Projects Grant

We’re pleased to announce new projects by our 2020 grantees documenting the impact of the global health crisis from inside their communities.  In a series of reports produced with support from the Henry Luce Foundation , this international group of visual storytellers provide a window into the distinct challenges and experiences they are witnessing. Our coverage will continue over the coming months with in-depth stories from around the world. Next up are a series of projects in Latin America which will appear in Time Magazine , including work by Gabriella Baez...
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Publication. The dreams that don't fit in your ballot box on Anfibia Magazine

To seek his re-election Donald Trump appealed to the construction of walls, to nationalism and to the salvation of the "American dream". But in the United States, migrant communities created different geographies and horizons than those promoted by the White House. Through five micro-stories, the authors of Welcome to Intipucá City, a project that tells the story of transnational migration between El Salvador and North America, show the expectations and struggles of those who live the world between two lands. To say migrant is to think of women and men climbing on...
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Lecture. Relationship Status: It's Complicated. Contemporary African Art Fair 1-54 U.K.

1-54 London returns at Somerset House, 8-10 October 2020. Over the past seven years 1-54 has established itself as a leading voice in the global discussion on contemporary African art. The scaled down fair will see 30 international exhibitors representing a selection of the best contemporary African artists on show at Somerset House, as well as online through 1-54 Online, Powered by Christie’s .1-54 London 2020 will showcase the work of more than 110 emerging and established artists from Africa and its diaspora, working in a wide variety of mediums and from a range of...
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Publication. Mala Hora (At the Wrong Time) at Femmes Photographers Magazine in Paris, France

...] The astonishment, when it seizes us, isolates us and prevents us from thinking. It throws us violently on a bank while the world continues to advance before us. We are then both separated from the course of things and united to the object of our astonishment, no longer knowing what to decide or where to look. Time becomes a still image, which can take a long time. But an image, no matter how staggering, is always a story. The more we return to it, the more we discern its details, the more we discover a part of ourselves in it. The Gorgon Medusa offers us an option that seems simple:...
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Assignment. 'Learn at home' by Trasluz Collective for The Washigton Post.

Photographers across Mexico have been documenting the challenges of distance learning Schools in China closed for the Lunar New Year holiday. They didn’t reopen. Then, schools went dark in Europe. The Middle East. Latin America. During the first half of 2020, 1.5 billion students around the world lost out on education because of the coronavirus pandemic. In Mexico, about 31 million children were affected. Many had struggled to learn even before the pandemic. Around half of Mexican children and adolescents live in poverty, according to UNICEF . Mexico’s Education...

Collective Screening. 'We Were always Here' at Tbilis Photo Festival in Asia

I am very happy that my work will be screened at the Tbilisi Photo Festival with the project "We were always here, chapter I The Mystery of Disguise". The project will be shown as part of the curatorship and management of the Centro de la Imagen from Mexico and Nestan Nijaradze , artistic director of the festival. More info here
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Assignment. This is not a chain by Ruda Colectiva on Planeta Futuro - El País.

The impact of the crisis of the covid-19, told from the perspective of 11 women photographers in different parts of Latin America. A project that shows the contrasts in access to food and the ways in which the crisis has transformed the relationship with food. 'Resistencia cotidiana' is the reportage I developed for Ruda Colectiva. "This is Not a Chain" project support by COVID-19 Emergency Fund for Journalists- National Geographic Los eslabones rotos de la cadena alimentaria El impacto de la crisis de la covid-19, relatado desde la mirada de 11...
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Fellow. Artist Grant to Welcome to Intipucá City Project

Koral Carballo, Anita Pouchard Serra and Jessica Ávalos, members of Welcome to Intipucá City Team, have been awarded a YES Grant for an exhibition project and installation to take place at Casa de la cultura de Intipucá during the traditional festivities of the town in March 2021. Welcome to Intipucá City is a collective transmedia project that addresses Salvadoran migration to the USA, considering the case of Intipucá, and the Salvadoran community from Intipucá living in Washington D.C. See more about the project here. Artist Grant 2020...
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Collective Exhibition. Foto Féminas Online Exhibition

I participate in the online exhibition of Foto Féminas with my work "Casa Tomada". This photo series is in process since March 2020. More info here: Since March 22, 2020, we have been publishing images in Instagram from different Latin American women photographers, all of which have been previously published in Foto Féminas. Today, most countries in the Latin American and Caribbean region have detected cases affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as thousands of deaths. Each country has taken different measures from mandatory closures as in Peru and...

Fellow. The Bronx Documentary Center - Darryl Chappel Grant

The Darryl Chappell Foundation , a Washington, DC headquartered private nonprofit, is partnering with the Bronx Documentary Center (BDC) and the Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Art (MoCADA) to distribute $25,000 in grants of $1,000 emergency cash payments to 25 active artists of African descent. The Dorothy A. Chappell Emergency Response Grant is the Foundation’s official response to the Covid-19 Pandemic and resulting financial crisis being experienced by many artists in the Foundation’s footprint region, including New York City. The Darryl Chappell Foundation is...

Assignment. The Food Chain in Latin America in the Time of COVID-19 - National Geographic Latinamerica RUDA Colectiva

A project carried out jointly by women photographers from different parts of the region, within the framework of the Ruda Collective initiative. "La cadena alimentaria en América Latina en tiempos de COVID-19" Un proyecto realizado en conjunto por fotógrafas de distintos puntos de la región, en el marco de la iniciativa Ruda Colectiva. "La cadena alimentaria en América Latina en tiempos de COVID-19" Un proyecto realizado en conjunto por fotógrafas de distintos puntos de la región, en el marco de la iniciativa...

Interview. Carnival and photography: behind the mask we are - Vist Projects

In Veracruz there is a town famous for its carnival. It is called Coyolillo and is one of the few communities in Veracruz that can be considered Afromestizo. It is said that the tradition began because the town is close to the San Miguel de Almolonga sugar mill, which since the end of the 16th century has been run by slaves brought from Africa. On the day of the carnival they would let them out for a few hours: it was their only day of freedom. Then the slaves wore masks to hide and dance. Koral Carballo was struck by this people who were becoming a party, although at first he couldn't...

Publication. Welcome to Intipucá Project - Witness World Press Photo by Foto Féminas

Foto Féminas presents: Welcome to Intipucá A selection from Latin American and Caribbean online platform Foto Féminas, curated by Verónica Sanchis Bencomo. Welcome to Intipucá City is a mixed-media documentary project based on documentary photography, which deals with the Salvadoran migration and its relationship with the USA, focusing on the places left behind — for many, home — instead of the place of arrival, the United States, which looks different for each person. The ongoing project focuses on recounting the   psychological,...

Interview. Afro-Descendants In Mexico: "We Were Always Here"

Mexican photographer and artist Koral Carballo spoke to Contemporary And Latin America (C&AL) about the heritage and present situation of Afro-descendants in Mexico, about artistic activism as a tool for raising awareness and about discovering her own identity. Afro-Descendants In Mexico: “We Were Always Here” Mexican photographer and artist Koral Carballo spoke to Contemporary And Latin America (C&AL) about the heritage and present situation of Afro-descendants in Mexico, about artistic activism as a tool for raising awareness and about discovering her......
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Koral Carballo

Koral Carballo ( b. Poza Rica, Veracruz, Mexico in 1987) She tells stories related to identity, violence and territory; dissolving frontiers between photojournalism and visual arts. She began her career as a photojournalist in 2009 and in 2016 she decided to leave the local media to investigate her own long-term projects. She is currently working as a photojournalist, documentary photographer, visual storyteller and freelance artist.
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